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Setting delivery priority in script agent
~Hank Quetrepulnivu 01/21/2004 05:24 PM
Domino Designer All Releases Windows 2000; Windows XP


In my database I send emails out to many people (~1500) at one time, using the blind copy field and setting the delivery priority field and importance field to "L" and "3" respectively in my script.

The problem is that the two fields don't appear in the email once it's sent.

Looking in the mailbox all the emails are there (they get sent 50 at a time), but in the document properties the two fields are missing. Everything else that I set in the script is there.

The send script is below, has anyone seen this before? These emails, unsurprisingly, block everything else in the mailbox for hours (our bandwidth is a bit low a the moment, plans afoot to increase it).

Set mdocnormal = New notesdocument(db)
mdocnormal.form = "Memo"
mdocnormal.From = "Me"
mdocnormal.Principal = "Me"
**normaleddoc is passed into this sub, and is a valid document**
mdocnormal.Subject = normaleddoc.TextSubject(0)

**The next two lines don't seem to do anything**
mdocnormal.DeliveryPriority = "L"
mdocnormal.importance = "3"

** emailnormal is a string of email addresses, this works**
mdocnormal.Blindcopyto = emailnormal
Dim rtpstyle As notesrichtextstyle
Set rtpstyle = s.Createrichtextstyle
rtpstyle.Notesfont = 0
Dim normaltbody As Variant
Dim normalbodyitem As New notesrichtextitem(mdocnormal, "Body")
Call normalbodyitem.appendstyle(rtpstyle)
Set normaltbody = normaleddoc.GetFirstItem("Body")
Call normalbodyitem.appendrtitem(normaltbody)
Call mdocnormal.send(False, "Me")



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